The Cooperative Survival Game Nightingale on Hold

You can keep your melon and animated dresses in the closet a little longer: the cooperative Victorian fantasy survival game Nightingale is facing another delay. Originally scheduled for an early access release in 2022, Nightingale has missed the target and reoriented for the first half of this year. Now it has been pushed into the future once again.

In a new update video from the Nightingale developers, Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Flexion Games (and former managing director of BioWare), announced: “We have decided to postpone the launch date for our early access to the fall of this spring, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.”

If you are a little confused about the details of Nightingale, it is set in a Victorian ancient history where you are trapped in a mystical realm and have to build an estate, action monsters, make stylish equipment and outfits, and open gates to peril realms to find scarce resources. The survival game can be played alone or in cooperative PvE.

According to Flynn, the delay is based on some things, such as the feedback of the testers, the desire to achieve more improvements in the quality of life, and the fine-tuning of the player’s progress. Flynn also says that the delay will give developers time to upgrade the game to Unreal Engine 5.2 and “will allow us to continue the progress we have made without compromising the health of our team.”


There is no exact release date yet, although Flynn says one will be announced this summer. A new playtest is also coming up and will stretch over two weeks and full weekends. Flexion plans to send out around 10,000 invitations for this new game test, so keep an eye out for this announcement on the official website.